Don’t be afraid to shine through your photos! Embrace color into your world, and focus on all that is bright while we create the most memorable moments that you can cherish forever. 

 Live your life, and don’t be so serious

I’m not here to make you cry for the camera or feel bad just for the sake of getting an emotionally tugging photo. I’m also not someone who wants her clients to be “swoonworthy” for photos — in fact, I absolutely DESPISE the word “swoon”, and would rather spend the whole session laughing with you and playing games. That’s when I see the child within come out to play, and the shyness of your actual child disappears — and magic happens there. 

Yes, I’m a gym rat, lover of the great outdoors, coffee addict, and lover of music (particularly Lizzo). My sense of humor is off the wall, but I’ve been told that it helps break the ice wherever I go, and it’s the reason my husband Ernie chose me! Stiff guy in the Marines meets an asshole like me? Bam! It was magic, and here we are together 10 years later.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Hi, I’m Chelsie!

Hi, I’m Chelsie!

We have two little Scorpio children (Lucky us!) named Genevieve and Kai. When they’re not being little demons, they can sometimes be sweet enough to be my adventure buddies. We’re literally always finding something to do, water or land! We’re hikers, paddleboarders, snorkelers, freedivers, and love any kind of game or community event. 

Most of my days are dedicated to my children, my education, and my passion for photography. 

My Life in photos


I am tattooed to the GODS and want even more!

I’m obsessed with emojis, so please expect any response to consist of way too many!

I’d consider myself an old soul

I am so sick of school, but I actually LOVE researching for assignments. 

Wine and coffee run through my blood

I’m a Gyrffindor!

I can’t be serious. Fun all the way!

Sucker for the ocean

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose”
-Dolly Parton

Embrace the vibrancy of your world.

Embrace the vibrancy of your world.


Let’s do the damn thing and make your photos COME TO LIFE.